21 Day Fix Cost – A Must Read!

costWhat is the real cost of the 21 day fix program and how does it compare to other workouts on the market?

My 21 day fix reviewIf you’re thinking about buying the 21 day fix program then you might want to read this first because what I found might shock you! I almost bought Autumn Calabrese’s 21 day fix but there was something that I couldn’t get my head around and that was the price..

When you add everything up it does cost a lot of money and for some, that’s money that could be spent on more important things. Let’s have a look at the 21 day fix price and I will let you judge for yourself.

The cheapest price I could find is on Amazon.com and that is for the 21 day fix essential package which cost $72.80

Included in the 21 day fix essential package is –

  • 7 x 30 minute workouts on 2 DVDs
  • 7 Color-coded portion control containers
  • 1 x Shakeology shaker bottle
  • The 21 Day Fix Start Here Guide
  • 21 Day Fix eating plan
  • 3 day quick fix

dislikeThe way they advertise the whole package really sounds like a good deal but is it really worth $72.80? In my honest opinion, NO it’s not and here is why –

  • Sure the 2 DVDs may have some really good workouts but are they really any different to those that are already on the market for $9.95?
  • 7 fancy color coded portion control containers pfft you can pick these up for really cheap just about anywhere..even amazon has them for under $10
  • Shakeology shaker bottle – Don’t let the fancy name fool you, it’s just a shaker bottle. I got one for $5.99 and I love it!
  • As for the 21 day fix eating plan and quick fix guide there are other eating plans and guides that cost a LOT less.

So really if you shopped around or paid for all of this separately you could probably get the same kind of package for around $40 or less..So why the high price?

Keep reading…This is what I also found –

After reading through review after review and comparing it to other workouts that are on the market I came to realise that all of these workouts are very much the same and the only real difference is the instructor.

The one big thing that I noticed while reading other 21 day fix reviews is about 80% of people said the eating plan is too restrictive and very hard to follow. Which leads me to what really turned me off buying it all together – most of them didn’t last more than 2 weeks?

Every real review I could find seemed to have the same thing in common – They where unhappy with the price, the eating plan and majority didn’t seem to finish or gave up writing about it?

Ohh and the reason I say real review is because there where a few that just looked fake because it was like they where trying to sell it to me rather than review it?? It kind of turned me off and made me think they may have been paid to write it or maybe part of a marketing team?

reviewsI’m not saying that the 21 day fix doesn’t work and I’m not trying to turn everyone off buying because I’m sure it is a really good program if you’re disciplined enough to follow it..Remember this is my opinion and I’m just saying, I didn’t buy it because of the price and what I’ve been reading..

21 Day Fix Alternative – Cheaper, Better & It Worked For Me!

I like itCall me tight but I’m a bargain hunter, and if I can get something cheaper I will go for the cheaper deal. That’s why I decided to look for an alternative that I could follow with ease while not spending to much money.

While I was reading other reviews I found a few other workout programs but the one that really caught my attention was the Bikini Body Workouts by Jen Ferruggia. Her workouts are more for women which target all the problem areas us gals find really hard to burn fat.

One thing I really liked about Jens program is it’s not all hyped and there is no fancy containers or shakeology bottle needed! She is very straight up front with everything and the price is very affordable which is only $29.95.

After reading the testimonials and seeing the before and after pictures on her website I knew this was the right program for me. So I thought, why not and paid the $29.95 😀

Jens workouts are all digital downloads which I really liked because I could download everything instantly instead of waiting a week or 2 for anything to be shipped. After ordering I received an email with detailed instructions on how to download everything and where to begin.

This is what’s included in Jens Bikini Body Workouts –

Bikini Body Workouts

Bikini Body Workouts

  • Interactive E-book and exercise videos( You can even watch them on your iPad or Tablet.)
  • Bikini Body MONTHLY Workouts
  • Bikini Body Nutrition Guide
  • 21 Day Booty Blast (These extra workouts helped me shape my butt and I’m lovin it).
  • Bikini Body supplement list for the BEST supplements for weight loss.(So you don’t waste money on garbage)
  • Bikini Body guide shopping list to help you make the best choices.

You get a LOT for your $29.95 and if you really wanted to you could buy some portion containers and a shaker bottle and it would all still be cheaper than the 21 Day Fix program! I really don’t know why the 21 day fix cost so much more?

My Results from the Bikini Body Workouts – One Happy Gal!

I’ve been doing Jen Ferruggia’s workouts for just over 3 months and here are my results.

Before and after Bikini Body Workouts

This really works and if I can do it anyone can because to be honest I’m really bad at following things through, actually this is the only program I’ve been able to stick to.

I started seeing results in the first week and that is why I was so hooked. The food and eating plan is super easy plus everything is yummy. The shopping list is a big help and I actually save money because I’m not buying all the junk I used to buy.

If you’re looking for a 21 day fix alternative than check out the bikini body workouts by Jen Ferruggia it worked for me and it’s a lot cheaper than Autumn Calabrese’s program!


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