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21 Days To A Better Booty‏!

21 day bootyLast night my partner and I went out to one of our favorite local restaurants for a much-needed date night.

As I was getting ready, I turned around and caught him staring at me.

My butt, to be more specific.

Noticing me catching him, he said “Sorry Sonya! Couldn’t help it. Your butt looks absolutely fantastic in those pants. Whatever exercises you’re doing… they’re working“.

I don’t know about you, but compliments like that make me feel great. There is so much stigma going around about the “ideal body” that sometimes it’s hard to feel secure and confident in ourselves.

So it’s nice when we work hard… and someone notices. But here’s my little secret I don’t share with many people…

I have a “secret” butt workout.

21 Day Booty Workout

I’ve been following the Bikini Body Workouts program for a while now and included in that is a quick routine that takes just a few minutes per week and does WONDERS to create a firm, tight butt. It helps lift it up, create a more round shape and get rid of the “jiggles” we all hate so much.

(And don’t worry… it doesn’t make it big & bulky). She calls it the 21 Day Booty Workouts and they work a treat!

You get it as a bonus when you order Bikini Body Workouts.

This “booty” workout takes just 10 minutes. You do it on the same days as your regular workout, and you do it for only 21 days.

Within those 21 days I promise you’ll see a big difference in your butt because if you follow it like I have you’ll get the results. You can do it for longer than 21 days if you want, but you don’t have to. That’s up to you.

If you’re looking for a tight, firm butt… you’re going to love it. You can read more about it on Jen Ferruggia’s website, she is the author of the Bikini Body workouts

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